The aim of the school is to present the instruments for a scientific analysis of health management. It is oriented to PhD students, post-doc, and young scholars. It has a distinguished interdisciplinary flavour, with speakers whose experiences come from Mathematics, Economics, and Medicine.


It is organized in order to provide incentives for direct contacts among the participants; the lectures will be delivered in the morning and the rest of the day will be devoted to informal talks and discussions also with the speakers.



Scientific coordinators

  • Giulio Casati (University of Insubria)
  • Vito Fragnelli (University of Eastern Piedmont)






The list of speakers includes:

  • Roberto Aringhieri (University of Torino)
  • Vito Fragnelli (University of Eastern Piedmont)
  • Fabio Gastaldi (University of Eastern Piedmont)
  • Stefano Moretti (Paris-Dauphine University)
  • Fioravante Patrone (University of Genova)
  • Giovanni Sesana (Regional Agency Emergency and Urgency – Milano)
  • Angela Testi (University of Genova)
  • Giancarlo Torre (University of Genova)